Saturday, 6 February 2016

Some clothing progress

4 weeks or so in now and another 2lbs off this week means that I've lost 9.5lbs in that 4 weeks (I put on half an pound last week but we'll not dwell on that) for a total loss of 2st 7lbs / 15.8kg / 35lbs.

Chloe and I went for dinner with a couple of friends of ours in Dundee last week, and I decided to try on a shirt that Chloe bought me last summer. The tag was still on it because the last time I tried it, it wouldn't even fasten. Well didn't I just go and wear that damn shirt for going to dinner?! I was so happy! I've been wearing the same 2 shirts for the past year now on special occasions because they were the only ones that fit me. Now I have at least one more and I've yet to try on some of the other under-used items hanging up in my wardrobe. What's more is that I put a belt on with my jeans and I've moved up to a new belt hole. I'm seeing progress again and I like it.

The main goal (clothing-wise) for me this year is to fit into a Saville Row shirt that I bought about a year ago. Again, it was no where near fastening when I bought it but I refused to return it. I tried it on be other day and it buttoned up...
However I was one deep breath away from hulking my way out of that sucker and breaking some windows with the subsequent bullet-button effect. 

Anyway, I'm just back from a Saturday morning mile run, which I'm managing to do a bit quicker each time (did an 11 minute mile today) and I can't wait to get back onto the scales next Thursday to see if I can get any closer to that elusive 3st / 19kg / 42lbs mark.