Monday, 11 January 2016

I'm still going!

Yes! It's been nearly 5 days and I'm still keeping this up! So many times I've been determined to do a programme like this and I've given it my all on day one, half effort on day 2 and it's gone entirely by the third day.

I was in the gym again just after 6.30am this morning (accompanied this time by my beautiful fiancée, Chloë!) and managed 2km on the treadmill at a pace of 7.5km/h which means 8 mins per km. Now, when I did ParkRun at Strathclyde Loch, my best 5km time was 40.19 which is slow for a 5k obviously, but that's going to be my target for the next time I do a ParkRun: sub-40 minutes.

In addition to this exercise, Chloë and I have been indulging in Slimming World meals which has resulted in some excellent low fat meals so far. We had spinach, chicken and tomato curry on Satirday night with some boiled rice, homemade onion bhajis and homemade vegetable pakora made with curried mash potato. See pics attached for this one. And last night (Sunday) we had a tomato and vegetable pasta with chunks of reduced fat sausage meat throughout. This was Chloë's work, no recipe, so credit where credit's due! On tonight's menu we have smoked gammon steaks with a selection of veggies on the side and new potatoes. 

Over halfway to my next weigh in! I can't weight (sorry) to see the results. Hopefully all this hard work will have paid off and it'll encourage me to get working even harder next week.

So here's the pics from our Saturday curry.

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  1. Well Done Jamie ! I take it they are Low Fat G & T's with your meal !! : )