Thursday, 14 January 2016

Week 1 weigh in and a running injury.

My first week of this new plan is now complete, and I've lost 3.5lbs! Which bring my total weight loss (from my heaviest weight) to 2st 1lb (13kg or 29lbs). All-in-all I'm pretty happy. Hopefully I can get the same, if not more off next week. I'm hoping that my body has just been getting used to the cardio work this week and the weight loss effects will have a nice boost from now on.

On a more painful note, I ran just over 2km on the treadmill yesterday morning before having to stop (I was aiming for 2.5km) due to a rather nasty stinging sensation on my right foot instep. See the picture below for reference. It's about an inch and a half long blister. Ouchies. So I'm off the running for a couple of days. Today was a rest day, with it being the day of my weigh in, but I'll be back in the gym tomorrow for 6.30am again only this time I'll be on the bike. Hopefully I can get back to running by the weekend but it all just depends on how quickly this blister heals!

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